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Digital Practice Resources

Nance McGovern has developed many open resources for digital preservation management. Kari Smith has recorded and produced resources for metadata management and digital archives.

They are free to use and download. 

If you are interested in learning more about the topics or would like to discuss how to implement or integrate digital practice into your organization, contact Nance.

Promote Practical and Responsible Stewardship of Digital Assets

The Digital Preservation Management Workshops, a series presented since 2003, incorporate community standards and exemplars of good practice to provide practical guidance for developing effective digital preservation programs. The goals of the workshop are to foster critical thinking in a technological realm and provide the means for exercising practical and responsible stewardship of digital assets in an age of technological uncertainty. 


Special Topic videos on Digital Preservation and Curation

In 2022 McGovern and Smith recorded DPM Special Topic videos.  
These are available on this YouTube playlist and are available for use under CC-BY-NC.

  • Trusted Digital Repositories: TDR [McGovern

  • The OAIS Reference Framework [McGovern]

  • PREMIS [Smith]

  • PAIMAS [Smith]

  • The DAP Framework [McGovern]

  • Radical Collaboration for Digital Practice [McGovern]

  • Workflows for Digital Curation [Smith]

  • Building Capacity for Digital Practice [McGovern]

  • Requisite Costs for Digital Preservation and Curation [Smith]


This course provides a thorough grounding in the management of archives in digital formats. It covers the processes around managing them, from deciding what records to collect and keep, through taking them into custody and ingest, to description and metadata management, preservation techniques and access provision. It also includes management in the context of modern organisations to provide learners with skills and knowledge to influence stakeholders and ensure that digital archives are valued and resourced.   The course has been developed and written by Nancy McGovern, former chair of ICA’s Digital Records Expert Group and Margaret Crockett, ICA’s Training Officer, with demonstration videos created by Pauline Soum-Paris, Project Archivist at the Bodleian Library, Oxford and module contributions and expert advide from Kari Smith, former Institute Archivist at MIT. The French language version has been translated and adapted by David Rajotte and Claude Roberto. 

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